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Silver, gold or color: what type of jewelry should I choose?

When it comes to jewelry, there are many ways of incorporating it into our look. Some people find that special piece and build the look around it, easy right? Some others spend their entire lives doing just one type of jewelry, whether is silver, gold, or mixing different types of ethnic accessories.

However, restraining yourself is never a good idea, let alone when we are talking about fashion. One of the greatest things about planning a look is to have fun with it, and with the many options, you can get out of one look!

That is how I know that some days you stand in front of the mirror and wonder if you should wear that black dress with gold or silver jewelry, or if you should throw a pop of color in there. And that is also how I know that it happens more often than we would think, which is why today we're going through some simple tips to decide if you do silver, gold, or colorful!

Hot and cold. Have you ever heard about the Theory of Color? That theory is used by a whole spectrum of professionals, from graphic designers to fashion stylists. It divides colors into warm (those that remind you of the sun) and cool (tones that remind you of water or ice). The idea is that, in order to combine, you have to pair colors within the same palette, and in order to contrast, you pair opposites. And guess what? Yes, this principle applies to your jewelry. The idea is that you combine cold colors with silver and warm ones with gold. As for color, you can use them for contrasting, using the same idea.

Occasion matters. There is a moment for everything, some moms and etiquette experts might say. And as much as we love having fun with fashion, you have to be on the look for the accessories that say the right thing about your look. For example, it is believed that gold jewelry goes better with formal attires because historically it has been associated with wealth, power, and elegance. As for silver, it has been placed in more casual situations, as well as colorful jewelry, that is the ‘leisure’ jewelry if you’d like to call it that. However, don’t let this discourage you, because you can find the most elegant silver bracelet or the pair of colorful earrings that would go perfectly with your black cocktail dress.

A splash of color. Now that we talk about colorful jewelry, you might want to consider that option when it comes to splashing your look with a little something extra. However, it is always better to think outside the box, and not just use colors to spark neutrals. Take the information in the Theory of color and make interesting contrasts with your outfit and your accessories, it´s guaranteed to brighten up your day!

Play them together. Since sometimes we have so much trouble deciding between one or the other, why not just put them all together in a fun mix? Mixing silver and gold has always been a sort of fashion taboo, but every day more people are doing and it looks amazing, especially these days that layering is really taking the jewelry world by storm. Try your best jewelry mixed together: necklaces, rings, bracelets. And, if you are willing to go the extra mile, put a little color, too. Do you dare?

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