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Minimalism can happen with your accessories, too!

In the first month of the year, everything revolves around being a better version of yourself and organizing all the aspects of your life. And this year, especially and thanks to Netflix sensation Marie Kondo and her KonMari method, looks like everyone is finally committing to being minimalist and only keeping in their lives the things that bring them joy. The good part about that is that you can practice minimalism in every aspect of your life, including your clothes and, of course, your accessories.

Before you go and do something crazy, no one is asking you to get rid of your jewelry whatsoever. The idea is more an invitation to go to your accessories box and check if you, in fact, wear everything you have in there or if you are willing to give some of those pieces up. And the invitation extends to next time you're buying jewelry because focusing on one special piece will give you the chance to buy something of good quality and that is also unique.

There are many other advantages of keeping things simple with your accessories. However, the most important one is that you reduce the waste you're leaving on the planet by buying all those fast fashion little necklaces that last for a couple of weeks before they lose their color, and you must throw them out. That single contribution to the environment can seem too small, but if you make this a habit, the impact will be better, and you can even encourage others to do it!

And speaking of others, you can share this new thing and maybe make a little profit off it. Because, besides those little pieces that I mentioned before, maybe you have some good things laying there because you don't really wear them much or they simply don't go with your style anymore… but it will go with others. So why not selling those among your friends or, if they're valuable enough, to one of those popular resellers on the Internet? You will be giving those pieces a second chance to give others joy, just like Marie Kondo recommends!

But cleaning and organizing your jewelry box is only the first step to minimalism. The true challenge from there is to find your style within it. When buying jewelry and accessories, it is always better to put quality before trends or, even, price when the occasion is right. Sometimes, you can be so lucky as to find brands that combine minimalism, good quality, and a price point that won’t get you bankrupt. That is our premise at Nifty Sparkles, unique, delicate pieces that become statements.

Because that is what you aspire to when wearing minimalist pieces. They become signatures of your style. Try, for example, a bracelet, or a necklace like our Maylynn, that you can style with basically every outfit in your closet (and if you need help with that, we have a whole post explaining to accessorize every type of neckline). By investing in a piece that you can mix with most of your outfits, you get the best out of your money with just one item, saving space and making a statement. It’s a win-win!

We’re not telling you to suddenly renounce your bold statement pieces. You can keep those who you really wear and that has meaning to you and get new ones when you want to try something different, like our Leslie Bracelet that will turn all the heads to you. The rest, you can tide them up, just like Marie, and give a new meaning to minimalism in your life!

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