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Choker or pendant: what should I wear?

Accessorizing is such an important part of our look that we take the same time picking our accessories as we do try on clothes to complete any outfit. A true fashionista knows that accessories are as important as the clothes themselves and, of course, the trends come and go, just like with your clothes.

For a few seasons now we’ve been seeing an item that made a very strong comeback from the 90s: the choker. Chokers remind us of those plastic ones we used to wear during high school, only that now they evolved, and we can find them in different materials: velvet, golden, silver, and/or beads are some of the ones we can find to go along with the mom jeans, the tiny sunglasses, and all the other items that seem to have jumped in a time machine and came back to our days. But we must admit it… we love it!

At Nifty Sparkles, we have our own selection of chokers, such as the Michele, as we love to see the different combinations you get to do with them. But we also know that sometimes you face the decision of choosing between a trendy choker or a longer necklace, so you are often trying to decide between a choker or a pendant, and of course, we have the options organized for you and the advice ready.

A casual choker, with beads or casual details, it’s an ideal piece for your t-shirts or cotton tops, including the summer pieces you like so much, as long as it matches your neckline. As we said in a previous blog post, a V-neck is the best combination for a choker, but you can also try a round neckline. However, and thinking about the upcoming months, a cool combination can come out of mixing opposites: a choker over a turtleneck, especially a beaded colorful one might create a great look. Something a little more elaborated, like a golden or silver choker, as well as something with a small pendant, can work beautifully with an open collar buttoned shirt for work!

However, if you are not such much the choker type, if fine too. In fact, one good piece of advice with the chokers is never to force them on you, or anyone. If you don’t like them, you won’t like them, and the best part of that is that you have other options and one of them is

another trend that is equally cool: medium-length necklaces with pendants. Yes, they might sound like nothing new (they have been around for a while), but after a few seasons where earrings took over, pendants are back with all their cuteness, and the good thing is that you can use them with almost anything thanks to their variety. If you take something simple yet beautiful like our Nifty Sparkles necklace, you can mix it with both a bold-printed top or a professional shirt to go to work with. If you want something that stands a bit more, you can always take a V-neck shirt or dress and pair it with something like our Jeannette necklace. The beautiful part of pendants is that they go perfectly with strapless, off-the-shoulder tops and a very popular one: the plunging neckline. With this one, there is a little rule: the deeper the neckline, the most delicate the necklace, it will create a beautiful combination and you will be the chicest of the place!

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